AFG does bare-faced chic for cancer

If you’re a Facebook fanatic or part of the Twitterati then your timeline has probably been full of beautiful bare-faced ladies this week posing for a self portrait (termed ‘selfie’); a makeup free face to raise awareness and funds for cancer.

Using the hashtag #nomakeupselfie, the trend went viral within 24 hours raising over £1m with 800,000 plus text donations to Cancer Research UK.

The watercoolers across AFG were full of chatter on Wednesday morning about the bare faced ladies, (and some fully made-up gents), who had participated in the trend.

It appears the campaign, which began spontaneously on social media on Tuesday afternoon, was started by author Laura Lippman who posted a bare face picture of herself in support of actress Kim Novac.  A Facebook page was set up to share the selfless selfies, No Makeup Selfie for Cancer Awareness, and (at time of writing) currently has 228k likes.

Jolene Swain, Area Manager at East Lancashire, told us: “Many colleagues of AFG East Lancashire embraced the trend on Facebook this week.  We thought it would be a great if we could share our photos and ask other areas of AFG who have participated to share their selfies on our own social media pages too.

“Every one of us is directly or indirectly affected by cancer in some way, so talking about it through this campaign can only be a good thing.”

For more information please visit the Facebook page No Makeup Selfie for Cancer Awareness.

Are you supported by AFG or work with us and participated in the trend?  Share the beauty of your bare face with us at our Facebook page and Twitter page


Bare faced chic at AFG East Lancs

Bare faced chic at AFG East Lancs