AFG duo to trek along the Great Wall of China for the Alzheimer’s Society

Jenny Chapman, Head of Quality Assurance and Practice Development and Catherine Conway, Director of Finance and IT at AFG have heroically taken up the challenge to trek a 100km stretch of the Great Wall of China for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Jenny Chapman, Head of Quality Assurance and Practice Development at AFG said: “I’ve decided to trek the Great Wall of China for the Alzheimer’s Society in support of my mum, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 10 years ago.”

She continued: “The journey for the last 10 years has not only been for my mum but for our family, friends and the many people her life touched, through her role as mother, best friend, a career in nursing and later as a dedicated volunteer and active member of her community. Walking the Great Wall of China feels like a challenge in keeping with the journey me and many families experience every day. I’m hoping that by raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society more support can be provided for carers, as well as allowing the Society to continue its search for a cure.”

Jenny and Catherine hope to raise up to £2,000 each by trekking the Great Wall of China, from 9 – 19 October 2013. The trek allows plenty of time to soak up the history of the Great Wall and also takes you off the beaten track to catch a glimpse of village life.

Jenny added: “The journey of dementia is like trekking unknown territory with steep twists and turns, at times each step feeling torturous; never really knowing what is around the corner. Yet there are moments through the journey that are so precious you stand still, connect and appreciate the beauty that moment holds for you; knowing you may never get that back but always seeking opportunities to ignite the spark again. We are really excited about it all.”

Catherine, Director of Finance and IT at AFG said: “I am proud to be undertaking this challenge for such a good cause. My mum has worked with the elderly for over 30 years and through her I have seen the devastating affects this disease can have on families.”

She added: “I’ve been trying to get fit and prepare for the trek with lots of walking along the beach where I live, Crosby Beach. This will not only be a physical challenge for me but a mental one too. I’m quite apprehensive about coping with the heat, basic food and living accommodation but I’m also really excited about the fascinating sights we will see.”

Both Jenny and Catherine will join a group of 35 friends, family members and work colleagues of all ages on the Alzheimer’s Society Great Wall of China trek. The trip starts and finishes in Beijing, with time for sightseeing included in the schedule.  Jenny and Catherine will begin the trek in Huangyaguan, a beautiful valley in the Yanshan mountains, moving on towards Juyongguan over a period of six days. They will journey through breathtaking landscapes, taking in spectacular views in this beautiful part of the world.

Catherine added: “Please help support us on our journey to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society by sponsoring us through visiting our Just Giving page