AFG Halewood go wild!

David and Edwin, supported in Halewood are regulars at the Art Group at their local community centre, Fairfield’s. The group is funded by Halewood Arts Association and led by the art teacher, Sam, who showcases members artwork on the ABAJI Art Facebook page.

The art teacher Sam is very good and approachable and he really encourages his class members, most of whom have had little or no experience of painting before.

Julie, Halewood Support Worker said: “The group has opened people’s imaginations and has created adventure in colours.”

On 17th July 2014 the group had a trip to the National Wildflower Centre in Knowsley where they enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and had the opportunity to paint some stunning flowers.

David, supported in Halewood said: “I like coming to the group because its nice and I am able to experiment with coloured paints and meet people.”

Everyone is very friendly in the art group and there are always cups of tea and biscuits for everyone to enjoy.

Edwin, supported in Halewood said: “I like to watch other people chatting and painting, this relaxes me and I will join in chatting.”

The group is open to everyone and David and Edwin hope that other people supported by AFG will come along to the group and find the same enjoyment in painting that they do.

Linda, Halewood Support Worker said: “The group is excellent and encourages Edwin to participate and I would recommend it.”

The art group takes place every Wednesday afternoon at Fairfield Community Centre in Halewood. For more information visit the Abaji Art Facebook page.