AFG Lancaster get festive with fitness friends

A group of regular gym-goers at AFG Lancaster celebrated Christmas with their new fitness friends.

John, Nigel, Brian and Liam who are supported in Lancaster, along with Team Leader Amy Bates and Support Worker Jamie Morris, attended Oscar’s bar in Lancaster on 21st December 2013.

In September, Nigel, Brian and Liam picked up an award for ‘best new idea to promote good physical health’ at the Lancaster Good Health Awards 2013 organised by North Lancashire Learning Disability Joint Commissioning Team at Lancashire County Council.

The group began to meet regularly at the gym after struggling to stay motivated going alone and their efforts were applauded at the Fun Café Health Day at Salt Ayre Sports Centre.

‘Health’ forms part of Our Promise to the people who use our services.

Team Leader Amy Bates said: “It was great to see everyone having a lovely time and staying out late at the Christmas party.  The theme was ‘James Bond’.  We had a go at the quiz and also a ‘Shoot the Villain’ game.  John and Liam both shot two Villains!

“It was particularly lovely to see everyone celebrating with the new friends they have made at the gym over the past year.  We all enjoyed the night out and getting dressed up.”

Fitness friends get festive

Fitness friends get festive

The name's Bond - John Bond!

The name’s Bond – John Bond!

00 vision - two Bonds!

00 vision – two Bonds!