AFG Rochdale put on their dancing shoes

AFG Rochdale recently put on their glad rags and let their hair down for a long overdue celebratory night. The team boogie’d on down to Richmond Hall, Rochdale to celebrate all the achievements of Team Rochdale over the past year and have a good old party!

Over the past few months Rochdale has welcomed 3 gentleman into our supported living schemes. The Rochdale Team has worked exceptionally hard in supporting the gentleman with their transition and have been extremely supportive in mentoring and coaching new staff as the team has expanded.

The staff have also recently undergone a few changes with the introduction of Senior Support Worker roles and changes between Team Leaders and Support Workers. As a thank you to the team and to let Team Rochdale have a well-deserved knees up, Area Manager Kelly Thomas and Team Leaders Janine Fearon and Sarah Kissack planned a celebratory evening to show appreciation to the staff who have gone above and beyond their roles in order to provide high standards of support to the people of Rochdale.

Janine Fearon, Rochdale Team Leader said: “Everyone had a really good night, although not everyone was able to attend those who did said they had a fantastic night which went on to the early hours of Sunday morning! Most people have said they would like to make it an annual event.”

Over the past few months’ staff have been nominating each other for a recognition award and the selected few were awarded with a credit where credit is due voucher and a certificate on the night.

Winners of the recognition awards were:

  1. Janet Bamford
  2. Joanne Holt
  3. Debbie Stapleton
  4. Carole Barnes
  5. Lynn Day
  6. Denise Duffy
  7. Maxine Jackson
  8. Angie Horridge
  9. Amy Alletson
  10. Glenda Whitelegge
  11. Cassy Hooley
  12. John Brett

There were a number of other people who received votes and they are acknowledged below:

  • Sue McCaroll
  • Ziggy Ahmed
  • Maggie Fiddle
  • John Mooney
  • Yasmin Palmer
  • Christain Batt
  • Brenda Furlong
  • Amanda Hampson
  • Sherry Brierly
  • Geri Alderson
  • Joanne Thornley
  • Billy Wharburton

On the evening a special toast was raised for Caroline Katroski, a Support Worker who sadly passed away 2 years ago but was a valued member of the team.

On the night there was food, dancing and lots of wine! There were also lots of sore heads on Sunday morning!

Team Rochdale getting into the groove

Team Rochdale getting into the groove