AFG Staff Raise Money for CLIMB

For Christmas 2011, AFG colleagues at Lion Court decided to take a fresh approach in wishing colleagues a Merry Christmas.

Climb logo

Instead of sending out mountains cards, it was suggested for everyone to write just one card to ‘all friends and colleagues’, to be displayed in the dining area for all to see.

The benefits were many – green and ethical, no writer’s cramp, a beautifully decorated dining area and of course the saving of a little money at a very expensive time of year!

The biggest benefit of all though was the suggestion of staff participating to donate £2.00 to one nominated charity of choice.  Suggestions were drawn from a hat with CLIMB (Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Diseases), a charity close to the heart of Dawn Moorhouse, Records Officer, benefiting from the donations.  CLIMB is a national information centre for metabolic diseases; a resource for young people, adults, families and professionals.  It is a small charity supporting children and families diagnosed with rare life threatening and often terminal illnesses, so all staff involved were extremely happy to have raised £242 for the cause.

Thank you to all who gave generously.

Wishing all Service Users and families, staff, associates and partners of AFG a very happy and healthy new year!