Australians look to Alternative Futures Group for social care best practice

Alternative Futures Group have recently welcomed a group of senior Australian health and social care commissioners who were on an international tour of innovative and best practice providers of support for adults with care needs.

The commissioners were looking to learn about examples of best practice which will be used to shape the landscape of care for people with learning disabilities and mental health needs in Australia.

Neil Campbell, Chief Executive, Alternative Futures Group said: “The importance of our person centred approach was a key theme of the visit with examples of projects and initiatives being pioneered here by AFG.

“This included Community Circles which uses the community to empower and develop people to make a positive change in their life and our innovative approach to helping people with dementia.”

The visit included a trip to Abbey Court in Warrington, one of AFGs Treatment and Recovery Centres as well as a video story from one of the people the charity supports following his move into his own home and how he has shaped his own support.

Angela Boyle, Managing Director of Community Services at Alternative Futures Group said: Sharing knowledge is vital if we are to continue finding new ways and techniques to help people suffering with mental problems across the world.

“It is hoped that the trip will be the start of a long term relationship and can help to positively influence care provisions in Australia.”

The visit follows a Think Tank event earlier this year hosted by AFG which looked at how mental health services can work in different ways to tackle the challenges of austerity, by drawing on experiences of pioneering recovery services from around the world.

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