DanceSyndrome hits AFG Fylde and Wyre

DanceSyndrome is a unique North West based dance company. Established in 2009, DanceSyndrome is the inspiration of founder and Director, Jen Blackwell, an aspiring community dance leader, who happens to have Down’s syndrome.

DanceSyndrome is the only dance initiative in the North West, which is not only disability led, but also seeks to train and employ dancers with learning disabilities to deliver dance workshops and performances.

Every Tuesday afternoon, a group of people supported by AFG Flyde and Wyre; Sharon, Iris, Ian, Steve and Gillian, don their keep-fit clothes to cut some shapes on the Fleetwood Day Services dance floor and to share their love of dance through inclusive workshops and performances.

Gillian, who is supported by AFG Fylde and Wyre said: “It’s a friendly group and it’s a great way to keep fit.”

Julie Ibbotson, a Support Worker who attends with the group said: “Everyone really enjoys it and Jenny the dance group leader is very inspirational and talented.”

DanceSyndrome share the same beliefs of AFG; that everyone has the right to follow their own interests and passions – regardless of whether they have a disability or not.

The Dance Syndrome Group

The Dance Syndrome Group

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