Grand Designs in Wirral

Our service is a purpose built house with wide corridors, grab rails, and bedrooms coming off the hallway.

It has communal areas such as the lounge and dining room, but as much as we could decorate and make it look more homely (we often have people coming in and saying how homely it looks), it didn’t give the people that live here much space to go off and do their own thing.

They only had their own rooms to go to for their own personal space, and therefore chose not to sit in the communal areas.

So, we as a team had a discussion and decided in conjunction with their families to build cabins around the premises, tailor made for each individual needs.

Lynn likes a soft play area so she can bounce herself and items off the walls as a game. This had to be kitted out with foam on the walls and floors to minimise the risk of injury. Lynn likes a snoozlem affect so the ceiling was done in a shimmer fabric with fairy lights underneath to add effect. Lynn also has an I-pod speaker system as she loves listening to music whilst she plays.  All the cabins have these with different writing on them. Lynn’s Mum came up with the name of the cabin.

Grand Designs in Wirral 1

The other cabin is like a home cinema for Yvonne as she loves going to the theatre, she likes watching the TV in the lounge but gets annoyed if people are talking or getting in the way of the TV. So we kitted it out as you can see, and Yvonne loves this. It’s her own space without anybody annoying her.

Grand Designs in Wirral 2

Our biggest success with the cabins is Christopher. Chris has bi-polar and regularly has episodes of agitation which is controlled mainly by diazepam.

Since his cabin has been completed he spends most of his time out there, listening to his music, watching his train DVD’s and playing with his trains and cars, his behaviour has improved immensely, so much so that his psychiatrist is pleased with his progress that she reduced his diazepam and he coped really well.  We may have only caused a delayed reaction to his behaviour but we have said we will continue to build on his cabin giving him different focuses and we are so proud of him for doing so well and that we have made a positive difference to his life.

Grand Designs in Wirral 3