Happy holidays and hot tubs!

Karen, who is supported in Rochdale, recently went on a holiday to Lincolnshire.  The holiday was planned from start to finish with all the things that Karen enjoys.

Joan Dignam of Karen’s support team said: “I have supported Karen on a couple of holidays and this has been the most successful yet.  Everything was planned for Karen’s needs.  Karen seemed to enjoy herself; I have never seen her so relaxed and happy. The highlight of Karen’s holiday was the outside hot tub which she used each day and night!”

Karen and Joan on holiday

Karen and Bev enjoying a little luxury!

Joanne Ward, Team Leader added: “The holiday was really successful for Karen. Her support staff, (Joan Dignam, Amanda Hampson, Bev Harper, Karen Hanlon and Sera Walls), really enjoyed seeing Karen so content and relaxed. This shows if you plan a holiday based around the needs of the people we support as we do, just how successful it can be.”