Introducing the Warrington and Wigan All Stars involvement forum

We’re passionate about involving the people we support in the development of our services. As part of this commitment we have mini involvement groups within each of the areas we operate in. All Stars is Warrington and Wigan’s involvement forum, and it was formed earlier this month.

On 4th July 2014 the Warrington and Wigan forum held their monthly meeting. The meeting was very popular with a good turnout, lots of people contributing their thoughts and ideas. The group had decided at the previous meeting that this time they would decide on a name. All suggestions were put into a hat and the name drawn out was the winning name. This method of selection was a great success with the new name for the group agreed as “The Warrington and Wigan All Stars”, which everyone seemed pleased with.

It was also agreed that the meeting could be used to meet each other socially and share interests. The group decided to hold the next meeting at LA Bowl and hold a bowling competition. For the people that are interested in getting more involved with running the forum there will be smaller meetings set up within the larger monthly forums. The group are also very interested in starting a football team and are currently on the lookout for a local pitch to practice on!

The forum enables the people supported in Warrington and Wigan to have their say on the care and support that they are receiving from AFG. It also helps to engage the people supported in their service provision, and ensures that their views are documented, listened to and acted upon.