John takes a trip down memory lane

John, supported by AFG Liverpool took a trip down memory lane recently as he spent a memorable afternoon with his mother and sister, thanks to the creative efforts of his dedicated support team.

John loves looking at old photographs, reminiscing about what he has achieved over the years, but unfortunately he sometimes struggles to see these due to his cataracts.

As part of person centred activities our support teams try to tune into the hobbies and interests of the people we support; ensuring that they continue to lead an active, stimulated and fulfilled quality of life. John’s Support Team did exactly this when they came up with the creative idea of using a projector to enable John to enjoy another of his hobbies – watching the box.

And the creative juices didn’t stop there; the team used the same idea to help form John’s Person Centred Review on 23 July, with his mother, sister Linda and his support team. A collection of photographs from John’s life were magnified on his wall as everyone enjoyed cups of tea, cake and a good dose of laughter, reminiscing about John’s achievements and fond memories over the years.

John’s mother and sister, Linda said: “What a lovely afternoon we really enjoyed seeing John in all of his photographs and learning about the activities he enjoys. It was great to be able to share these precious memories with him.”

Paul, John’s Support Worker said: “I have supported John for 5 years and I have never seen him so happy. He thought he was actually on telly and he’s been telling everyone he meets. The look on his face was priceless, which made all the hard work of the team worthwhile.”

John reliving his fond memories

John reliving his fond memories