The king of the swingers

On 26th June 2014 AFG Fylde and Wyre’s local involvement forum got together for a well-deserved day out.

Everyone met at the Bandstand in Stanley Park, Blackpool for an afternoon of swing music at the concert in the park.

Sharon, supported in Fylde and Wyre said: “I really enjoyed the day out at the park, meeting up with friends and having a picnic and singing along to the band. It was my birthday too so it was nice to spend it with my friends.”

It was a great afternoon out and the group enjoyed a picnic and listened to the swing band.

Gwen Sumner, Fylde and Wyre Support Worker said: “It was a lovely afternoon and everyone enjoyed themselves, it’s a great local event and there are more dates planned so hopefully we will be able to go along to them and let people from other services know about these events.”