Lancaster’s Medallion Man

Paul, supported in Lancaster , recently triumphed at the Williamson Park Family Fun Run.

Paul enjoys participating in sports and in his younger days regularly played football. The power of sport has certainly had a positive impact on Paul’s life over the years, but his decline in mobility means he now struggles to walk short distances without his walking aids. Despite this, Paul’s determination and competitiveness doesn’t stop him in his tracks. So, when Paul completed the course at Williamson Park, in his wheelchair, and was presented with his medal for doing so, all his old sporting pride returned.

David Vaughan, AFG Lancaster Team Leader said: “Paul’s delight at being awarded with his medal still hasn’t faded. He is still wearing it every day with pride and a big smile. Paul truly is our Medallion Man!

He added: “The staff team will be working with Paul to help him improve his diet over the next few months. Hopefully, this will see him shed some weight, and in turn improve his mobility. But one thing for sure with Paul, his sheer will-to-win, will always ensure that he continues to take part, and that alone gives Paul the satisfaction he enjoys so much.”

Now in its 4th year, the Williamson Park Family Fun Run promotes physical activity, wellbeing and social inclusion.

Paul, Medallion Man

Paul, Medallion Man