Let’s go rambling

Michael, supported in Southport, is getting active thanks to joining a new Rambling Group organised by The Southport Focus Team.

Michael loves walking and will regularly walk miles to maintain his health and wellbeing.

The Rambling Group is specifically aimed at people with disabilities and a variety of walks are organised weekly to meet the individual needs of its members. Michael’s autism means he finds it difficult to socially interact and often prefers to be alone. The Rambling Group has helped Michael overcome some of these challenges by enabling him to gain meet new people, make new friends and be part of his local.

Craig Kelly, Southport Support Worker said: “The Rambling Group creates a sense of care and friendship for Michael, who can often feel lonely and isolated due to his autism. Michael is now able to put his faith and trust in the group; making him feel safe and happy, which is demonstrable of how we are meeting Our Promise.”