My life, my support

On 2nd December 2014 staff and people supported by Alternative Futures Group in Lancaster attended a person centred approaches celebration at Preston County Hall.

The group have been involved with the “My life, my support” project, which looks at how we can help build a community around someone and support people to work together and connect people who have similar interests.

The team delivered five presentations on how Alternative Futures Group have adopted “my life, my support” principles and person centred approaches in the support we provide. Our team in Lancaster recently looked at communication aides such as objects of reference and using photographs to make it easier for some individuals who do not verbally communicate to decide what they want to eat, drink and where they want to go.

Amy Bates, Team Leader said, “There were eight presentations and AFG led five of them, so we were a big part of the day. Everyone was so nervous beforehand but the presentations were confident and successful. Everyone enjoyed the morning.”

Debbie Smith, Team Leader said, “It was a really nice day and it was nice that we had family, support workers, team leaders, some of the people we support and managers involved.”

At Alternative Futures Group we work to be as person centred as possible; ensuring the person is at the centre of all decisions and choices. The “My life, my support” project looks at ways of ensuring people have more control over their support and can enjoy activities with their friends, volunteers and members of the public who share the same interests and not people who are paid to be there.