Mary’s Circle, the ‘Cream Cake Get Together’

In July we started to facilitate a circle for Mary, supported in Rochdale. The purpose of Mary’s circle is to reconnect her with her faith community and help her redevelop friendships.

Today Cath Barton, AFG Rochdale’s Community Circles Co-ordinator shares with us what has been achieved so far, the knowledge shared and how the team are positively building on the actions identified to help Mary reach her goals.

How are we building on actions…

Today’s Circle get together with Mary started off by admiring her beautifully manicured nails and chatting about her recent holiday.  We then recapped on the actions from Mary’s person centred review.  The purpose of Mary’s circle is to reconnect her with her faith community; we want to make sure that Mary has support to go to church, to develop connections and become a valued member of her congregation.

We have begun to learn some really practical information about what good support for Mary at church looks like.  Because this is such a big congregation, you need to arrive early at church to be guaranteed a seat.  Arriving just before the service starts, it’s likely that the church will be packed and there is only standing space available.  Mary would struggle to stand through the whole service and also we want to mindful about supporting Mary to connect with others, not easy if you’re stood at the back!

One of the things we want to be mindful about is how to support Mary to become part of her congregation, not just physically present at mass on a Sunday but having opportunities to connect too. We know that the church has a Welcome Club on a Thursday where Mary can meet church members in a relaxed environment and where there may be more opportunities to make connections.

The presence to contribution tool will help us to think about how to support Mary to make those connections.

Being part of Mary’s circle feels exciting, knowing that she is being supported to go to church, which is something really important to her, and also knowing the opportunities to develop connections in her local community.

The cream cakes are a lovely treat too!

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