Men’s Health Week 2013: Let’s Talk About It

This week is Men’s Health Week and ‘the way you feel’ is the theme for 2013. One in six people, that’s nearly 10 million people across the UK, will experience depression or another mental health problem at any one time.  And men are far more likely to kill themselves than women (3/4 of all suicides are male) yet are far less likely to get treatment for depression or similar problems.

We know we need to talk about it; we know it’s not easy either. As the experts at say, strength is often found to be in talking. Be strong without being silent.

Here, Anthony, who is supported by AFG Cheshire, opens up about his own experiences and how it’s good to talk.

“I first fell ill at the age of twelve. At that point I didn’t know why I was feeling low until I started self harming. I used to speak to one of my friends over the internet, who I got to know well, and I confided in her that I had been self harming. She, on my behalf, rang the hospital for help. I was then taken to hospital by ambulance; from there I was sectioned and was diagnosed with a personality disorder.

When I was twenty years old I was placed in Weaver Lodge Independent Hospital. Looking back I was glad this happened otherwise I’d most likely be drinking and doing drugs. Once free of drugs, I moved out of Weaver Lodge and moved to a house in Winsford. I lived here for 18 months and I progressed really well. I then moved in to my own flat in Middlewich where I still had staff support.

I have now been here for over 18 months now and I am ready to move on in to a place of my own here in Middlewich. I am just waiting for a few repairs to be done to the house, which is a two bed roomed terraced house. I am really looking forward to living independently!

I would like to thank all the AFG staff (at Weaver Lodge, Winsford and Middlewich) for their support. I would like to thank the Service User Representative Forum (SURF) for letting me help them and I’m happy to have been a part of it.  A very special thank you to Kirsty, Team Leader, who has helped and supported me so much so I am now ready to move on.

Once again thank you to all at AFG for their help and support.”