Music to Peter’s ears

Music therapy is helping to transform the life of Peter, supported in Skelmeresdale.

Peter has a huge passion for music and singing. He used to have regular music sessions at home with The Music Man, a local music therapist, but unfortunately due to costs they have recently come to an end.

It was music to Peter’s ears when Twinkle House Sensory Centre in Skelmeresdale recently introduced a new music group for people with learning disabilities. There was double delight when Peter learnt that the music group was being run by The Music Man.

The Music Group takes place every Thursday morning at Twinkle House Sensory Centre in Skelmeresdale and gives Peter the opportunity to create his own music, play instruments and sing along to his favourite songs.

Sami Matson, Skelmeresdale Support Worker, said: “The Music Group has helped Peter to make new friends, improve his communication and build up his confidence. He enjoys singing his heart out to the songs he knows and loves.”

Paul Livesey, Skelmeresdale Support Worker said: “The group has really helped to enhance his confidence, he now feels comfortable to get up on his own accord and dance freely during the sessions.”

The Music Group is truly inclusive as, no matter what the musical capabilities are of the participants; every individual has an important role to play in contributing to the overall sound.

Peter is looking forward to continuing to develop his musical abilities with the help and support of the group.