Alternative Futures Group believe that our role in recovery is to provide more than a treatment program, but to facilitate and enable individuals to own and self-direct their personal recovery. This means that we create the conditions whereby  people  are encouraged to take active  ownership  to create their own personalized plan, and identify  the things that help them in their recovery. We have created a Treatment and recovery forum, which ensures that the people we support are in the centre of any decisions about their treatment and recovery plans.

At AFG we support this recovery by:

  • Providing an environment where the promotion of hope and assurance of a future of optimism are core aspects of our services
  • Ensuring that personal recovery aspirations are discovered and that people are supported by us to help them get to where they would like to be – socially, vocationally, emotionally, physically
  • Providing opportunities to develop the skills, roles and strengths to support people in their future.

At AFG we understand that recovery is not a one-off event, but a journey of optimism and hope.  As such it is normal to have difficulties or setbacks as part of that journey, and we will support people to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills to  overcome these setbacks.

Recovery forum Mission Statement:
Promote a journey of recovery and hope for the future
We believe that recovery is a hopeful journey of growth and change for both the people we support and the wider social network that surrounds them. Although this journey is deeply individual there are common directions, routes, accomplishments, activities and learning experiences that we can all share when we value the recovery journey as a universal experience.

Our aims
AFG Treatment and recovery centres aim to understand our temporary place in supporting people on, or beginning this journey. We aim to offer a sharing of experiences, advice and support that are mutual, positive and nourishing to support people to a position of safety and stability in their own lives.

From this turning point we offer a pathway of learning, re-learning and growth to support people to reclaim their futures.
We are able to offer consistent, personalised packages of support that are holistic and are coherently rooted in a psycho social approach to enabling recovery. We aspire to support people to grow beyond a need for support directly from our recovery centres and we aim to support people in their growth as long as they feel that they need us. Our organisational vision is a world where people control their lives.

The recovery forum was established:
• To support the promotion of a recovery philosophy within the Treatment and Recovery Centres and to drive the implementation of the organisations Recovery Strategy. This original objective has recently been expanded to include more co-ordinated working with AFG’s mental health  community services.

The forum was designed to provide opportunity for leads across AFG to:
• Discuss current drives in recovery focused working
• To share ideas about how to drive recovery focused working forward in AFG
• To support each other in working towards the goal of raising awareness and implementation of recovery focused working
• To share difficulties and problem solving ideas
• To share resources
• To provide motivation for each other and for staff and service users
• To provide a consistent approach to recovery working across the different services
• Support development of recovery based action plan and evaluate outcomes within each Treatment and Recovery Centre.