Pure Innovations is underway!

This week we reported on our great partnership with Pure Innovations and how we’ll be following a group of people supported in Rochdale as they are helped to access education, training and work opportunities. The initiative aims to help participants build confidence and gain experience to lead to paid employment.

Today we’re focusing on the journeys of Jason, Jodie and Martin, three people supported in Rochdale who are already working with Jenny Newell, Pure Innovations’ Employment Officer.

Meet Martin

“Hello my name is Martin. I am currently working voluntary at The British Heart Foundation. I have worked here for nearly 12 months. I would like to work in a supermarket and start by working on the shop floor and work towards a manager’s job. I have met with Jenny from Pure Innovations a few times who has helped me do a C.V and email Asda in Shaw and Rochdale. I am currently waiting to hear back from them. I would like to work in the week and occasionally on a Saturday.”

Meet Jodie    

“I like to go to a coffee shop called Coffee Ami to have a cappuccino. I asked the manager called Jason if there were any jobs going for me and he said he would talk to his manager.

I then had a meeting with Jenny and told her I would like to work at the coffee shop. Jenny then helped me to do a CV and we both had a meeting at the coffee shop with Jason.

I gave my CV to Jason. Jason said he will ring Jenny if he has more information. I would like to be a Kitchen Porter because I’m good at cleaning I think working in a café will give me more confidence; I hope it will help me with my money without messing with my benefits. Jenny has said she will help me with my finances if I was to get work.”

Meet Jason

“I did some work on the internet with Jenny Newell for a part-time job as a Receptionist. I have been looking for job on the internet and if I find something I will inform Jenny by email or ring her.

Jenny will help me find a part-time job and I will then thank her. She is looking for a radio job for me because I am good with computers and music.  With Jenny’s help I have completed my C.V. Jenny has emailed the radio station at Fairfield hospital and I am waiting to hear back.”

We wish Martin, Jodie and Jason the best of luck in their search of their new jobs!