The Big Bunting Action!

Human Rights Day is celebrated globally on 10th December.

And in partnership with the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR), this year AFG helped to raise awareness of human rights by joining their BIG BUNTING ACTION!

Human Rights Day 013

The theme for 2012 is inclusion and participation. Every one of us has the right to have their voice heard and to be involved in the decisions that shape our communities. Last year AFG celebrated Service User involvement recognising Human Rights Day with an ‘All Friends Gathered’ event entitled ‘Our Promise, Our Choice – Hear Our Voice’, so having a voice is something our Service Users and staff are very passionate about.

Human Rights Day 004 Human Rights Day 002 Human Rights Day 005 Human Rights Day 012 Human Rights Day 006 Human Rights Day 008

So led by Rachel Jones of the Service Development team, Service Users and staff dropped by the Matthew Clarke room to partake in a ‘Blue Peter moment’ with sticky back plastic, glue, pens, and lots of creativity, decorating the bunting with statements of what Human Rights means to us.

Representatives from each department came along to pledge a message of support of how they ensure AFG delivers a Human Rights Approach to the people we support too.

So with the bunting complete we took to the Hand of Choice, the sculpture designed and selected by AFG Service Users to represent their collective feelings in regards to the support they receive from AFG, to adorn with the bunting ready to photograph to send onto the BIHR.  At 2pm the BIHR demonstrated their bunting in Parliament Square and at the same time we proudly sent on our images to display in their gallery!

Human Rights Day 018