The Professionals review Our Promise

The newly formed SURF (Service User Representative Forum) Group in Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens and Halton, recently met for the first time, aptly naming their group The Professionals.

On Wednesday 4th September, The Professionals, Jimmy, Lisa, Tom, Steven and Billy, together with their supporters, met for a second time at AFG’s head office, Lion Court.  Over the next six months, the group plan to take a segment of Our Promise and meet with their areas to talk about how AFG is meeting it.

The first theme the group is looking at is ‘Health’ and the group were cooking on gas with many ideas flowing!  Led by Community Service Director Gill Beesley, the group unanimously agreed on a list of questions to form part of a survey to visit their areas with and feedback their findings at their next meeting.

The group will ask a number of questions on each area below to find out what is working and not working.

Does AFG help you to?

  • ·         Live healthily in a warm and comfortable home
  • ·         Take the kind of exercise you want
  • ·         Make sure your medication is well managed
  • ·         Get the healthcare and advice you need locally
  • ·         Take care of your mental and spiritual well being

Community Service Director Gill Beesley said: “I am really excited about this group and how as a team we can work together. It is important that people supported get the opportunity to be represented in a meaningful way and get the opportunity to tell us if we are getting things wrong, and what we must do to stop or change it. It is also a good way of celebrating all the great things that are happening in people’s lives. As an organisation we made a Promise to people supported about how we would support and help them in having choice and control over their lives, and also to be true citizens in their community. So it was only right that we start with checking how we are meeting that Promise.”

The Professional Representatives are:

  • Knowlsey – Jimmy and Lisa
  • St Helens – Tom
  • Halton – Steven
  • Liverpool – Billy