The SURF Group is going local

AFG’s Service User Representative Forum (SURF) has been preparing for some time to take their group ‘local’.  This means that instead of meeting at head office ‘Lion Court’ in Prescot every month, they will be attending or setting up local groups in and around the area that they live in.

For their final central meeting, SURF invited staff to the Event Space in Lion Court; to come and see what they have achieved to date and join them in a chat and a piece of cake to celebrate the start of a new chapter in SURF history.

SURF showcased their achievements through videos, pictures and SURF promotional products.

Nancy McFarland, SURF Chair, said: “This does not mean the end of SURF; it just means a change of structure. The areas that AFG cover will be split and each SURF rep will be responsible for their own area.

The final meeting went very well; we closed the 2012/13 Work Programme, finished the actions of last month and the afternoon was spent as an open meeting. We had the work and accomplishments of SURF over the last 3 years on show and welcomed anyone to come and view.

“We hope that now ‘going local’ will bring more people into SURF.”

Nancy added: “Please remember SURF is the voice of the Service User and we are here to speak up on any issues.”

Jeff SURF Group member

Jeff SURF Group member

Neil Campbell, Chief Executive said: “Attending the final SURF meeting reminded me just how far we have all come, individually and as an organisation. I felt so proud, and humbled, by what has been achieved by the SURF members who genuinely have a real voice in AFG, and as always I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and commitment all SURF members have towards AFG. I believe the move towards a local presence and influence is another important step towards “a world where people control their lives”. This feels like a journey we are on together, one I will fully support and one which I know you will support me with as well.”