Wayne’s person centred review is right on cue

A gentleman who is supported by AFG decided to hold a person centred review with a difference – during a pool tournament at his local pool and snooker hall in Lancaster.

Wayne regularly attends Squires Pool and Snooker Hall in Lancaster. The following day after Wayne and Liam’s white knuckle day out, Wayne decided to hold his Person Centred Review at his favourite place.

Amy Bates, Team Leader told us: “Wayne normally has his person centred reviews at an office and it can be quite a formal meeting. This time, Wayne decided to do something different and have it in his favourite place and activity which is at Squires, playing pool.  Wayne organised a pool tournament and the turnout of players was the best he’s seen yet!  Wayne got to the final against his best friend, Paul, and won the trophy!  Wayne got some great information and actions from his meeting too. A win-win for all!

Amy added: “It worked out great and everyone enjoyed themselves. Person centred reviews should be lead by the people we support and Wayne chose and planned this meeting by himself.”

Wayne's meeting in full swing

Wayne’s meeting in full swing

Winner Wayne!

Winner Wayne!