What makes you feel good?

On Friday 19th July, in honour of National Feel Good Day, we asked the people we support and work with:

What makes you feel good?

We had some fantastic replies that we shared (and smiled at) throughout the day.  The (albeit, temporary) glorious weather, good belly laughs and paydays were just some feel good factors that put a spring in your step.

So on a grey day like today, we’d like to share a shining example of what makes Karen, a lady supported in Norden, Rochdale, feel good at AFG and highlight how being person-centred  at AFG is focussed around the needs of our people.

“Hi my name is Karen and I live at Norden, Rochdale. I would like to share with you something positive that is happening in my life.

I really enjoy the company of men and I always have, but I have never been supported by a male support worker.

Along with my support team Joan, Amanda, Karen, Bev, Sera and Joanne (the Team Leader), we thought it was worth trying.  So we planned a daytrip to Light Water Valley Theme park with a member of my support team, Amanda, and Daz, a Support Worker with AFG.  We had a WICKED day and the proof is in the pictures!

Hopefully now I will be supported by Daz every week.”

Karen's feel good trip to Light Water Valley Theme Park

Karen’s feel good trip to Light Water Valley Theme Park

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