You’re Hired!

Throughout May and June, the Unite Group, a group of people we support in Lancaster, will be taking part in the whole recruitment process for selecting their Support Workers.

They will be working on all aspects of recruitment, from marketing the vacancies to interviewing candidates. The group has started by organising and distributing flyers and promoting AFG across Lancaster.

Amy Bates, AFG Lancaster Team Leader said: “When asking the group if they would like to be involved in interviewing their own staff the entire group was excited and couldn’t wait to start.  Within the first week we covered the majority of Lancaster and Morecambe.  The next stage is getting started on the interviews.”

This has been a valuable experience for the group, giving them the opportunity to meet new people and take part in decisions about their own care and support. It has also given the group new skills and knowledge about the recruitment process and helped skill match potential new Support Workers with some of our people.

The Unite Community Group

The Unite Community Group