Introducing Mobee Gambia

Excitement is building across Alternative Futures Group (AFG) about our two year partnership programme with charity Mobee Gambia.

Recent media across the North West has reported how five support workers from AFG have been chosen to go on a two week study tour to the Gambia as ambassadors for the organisation; part of a two year partnership formed with charity Mobee Gambia.

Mobee is a Mandinka word for ‘Peoples’, one of the five most widely spoken Languages in the Gambia.

Neil Campbell, Chief Executive of AFG said: “We ‘re delighted with Alternative Futures Group’s new partnership with Mobee Gambia; their focus on ‘People’ is key and in line with our own ethos, as we celebrate 21 years of putting people at the heart of everything we do.”

The Mobee Gambia Mental Health Project is a newly established Gambian charity which aims to make a significant contribution to mental health systems and approaches already existing in the Gambia. It aims to train frontline health and social care workers in basic mental health and the use of non-medicine approaches to maintaining peoples’ mental wellbeing.

Working in collaboration with AFG will support the initial work of Mobee Gambia, and give Alternative Futures Group staff an opportunity to experience and appreciate a different way of working in a culture different to that of the United Kingdom, whilst contributing to the development of mental health services in the Gambia.

The Mobee Gambia and AFG Health Promotion Centre will act as the main focus of the project from where mental health promotional activities will be conducted. It will be the peoples centre open to the general public, and to all organisations, in the Gambia as a training, conference and meeting venue.

Cascading mental health promotional information to very remote and local communities in the Gambia will be a primary function of the centre. People with mental health problems and their carers and families can come to the centre, be listened to and be given expert advice about how to access help.

Salifu Manneh, Director of Mobee said: “Linking up with AFG in this way will deliver real benefits for people both here and in the Gambia where in some cases mental health issues are not even acknowledged.

“The situation in the UK is far from perfect but for people in Africa, who suffer from mental health problems, the associated stigma means some may be denied their basic human rights.”

Salifu Mahnneh, Director of Mobee Gambia

Salifu Mahnneh, Director of Mobee Gambia